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09 February 2013 @ 01:27 am
LUNA SEA. The End of The Dream Asia Tour 2013 SINGAPORE FINAL (8 Feb)  
...was amazing. How everything really just FELL INTO PLACE for me. 

  • The live was just before CNY and I was flying back to CNY so I could make it!
  • I made it to the goods stall and joined the queue just in time to snag the last hoodie!! And it was much cheaper than if I'd bought it in Japan. The retail price is 8500yen but I got it for SGD80, which saved me about SGD30!
  • My earphones are dying and LUNA SEA had a collab with audio technica for earphones so I have new earphones now, yay!
  • I'm honestly not a huge LUNA SEA fan. I never followed them until Tea raved about them and told me to listen, so I did, but still wasn't crazy about them or anything. But I LOVED it and totally enjoyed myself tonight!
  • And one of Tea's absolute fav bands is LUNA SEA!! So I'm really glad we got to go together and totally rock out <3
  • Plus my Japanese was good enough to translate what Ryuichi was saying to Tea ^_^
  • This happened after I met and experienced a fade concert (and Gakuen), and got drawn to rock. If my only prior concert experience to go on was Click Five and Arashi....let's just say the night would never have been as awesome (I MIGHT NOT HAVE EVEN GONE)
  • I stood out quite a lot because I was dressed up in punk while the crowd was more "subdued" or mainly in the tour shirt. I got stares on the mrt and no one wanted to sit next to me (LOL) but I stood out in a good way at the con, and on the way out, as we passed the goods table, there was a camera (manned by Japanese staff). Tea and I made the Sugizo sign and the cameraman ASKED US to leave a message for the band. He didn't bother with the other people before us, even those who waved to the camera. So I left a message in English then thanked them again in Japanese (just basic "hontou ni arigatougozaimashita!" then i BOWED). And this was after we couldn't find the camera to leave a message to the band upstairs!!
  • SISTIC took our photo!! Hope it turns out good
  • What if they release a DVD of the tour and TEA AND I APPEAR IN THE FOOTAGE. *dies

The rest another night/day/whenever. I am exhausted. 

Edit: Video of last night. First three songs - Loveless, Dejavu and G