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27 May 2013 @ 10:12 pm
[LIVE REPORT] 21/05/2013 GACKT BOTB: M/W, Kobe  


I derped and went to the wrong venue. I went to Kobe Convention Centre instead of Kobe International House so I had to double back and return to Sannomiya. The guy at the Portliner station was very nice and understood the stupid mistake I made and fixed my ICOCA card then let me go out so the extra trip didn’t cost me any money. I figured something was wrong when I didn’t see any other G fans. I knew quite a few people who were going cause we’d talked about it at the fade live the night before. There were all there before me because of my derp.

Anyway, I finally got to the venue and made my way to the goods stand. There was no queue at that time (about 5pm) so I could buy goods immediately. I got the cat ear and paw, pamphlet and tour t-shirt. I think the sizes run bigger now that it’s no longer women’s cut. M fits me nicely. Can I just say that the cat ears are beyond adorable?!?! The cat paw was smaller than I thought it’d be but it’s still cute. Went back a second time with my Japanese friend who found me outside the merch area and got 3 postcards, both clearfiles and the hand towel. I might grab the cat paw strap at the Osaka show, but I’m not sure yet.

So then we sat around to wait for the doors to open and chatted about random stuff, though mainly about the fade show we’d both been to. We were in no rush to go in though, since we had been assigned seats anyway and by some lucky coincidence we were about 3 seats away from each other in the 2nd level.

We got up to enter around 6:20pm I think, and everything was fast and efficient. We were in the tail end of the people entering so the stairs and stuff weren’t too crowded. There was a second goods stall inside the venue. The boxes for presents were near the inner goods stall, and I didn’t look at it much but the GACKT box had the most gifts (as expected?) though the others did have things inside as well! From our seats at the second level (4th row from the front) we could see the entire stage. It’s a pretty good view! I was more to the middle so I had a good view of G and the band.

Outside while waiting, and then inside the concert hall.

Cat paw on my Gakuen bag!!

Instead of curtains closing the stage, it was a big screen. When I got in, the “GACKT BEST OF THE BEST VOL 1” was projected onto it.

I expected G to be late so I got comfortable and took my pamphlet out to look at it but just as I was about to get the plastic open…THE LIGHTS DIMMED. HE WAS STARTING ON TIME FOR ONCE?!?! I was rather shocked but scrambled to keep my pamphlet and get ready for con to start.

It started with a huge bang and a video. The video either opened with English (at least it wasn’t broken or anything) and the crowd was kind of mellow still (maybe cause they didn’t get most of it, lol?) but the message was very typical GACKT IMO. I don’t remember what it was but the last line was “live in the moment” and it was then that it really hit me. I was there!! I was going to see G!! It’s technically my 2nd time seeing him live (first being Gakuensai in Osaka last year) but first time seeing him on his solo tour. I forgot all the anxiety I had regarding midterms this week and forced all thoughts not related to G out of my mind.

We saw more flashes and videos of G throughout the years and then there was the Mild and Wild logo which would spin for a little bit then show which setlist/type it was for the night. Kobe was Mild. After that, the screen started to part and the music started with the opening bars of White Lovers. The stage was set up in a somewhat X-shape, with Sato and Kei on the top level at the two corners and YOU and CHACHA at the bottom level corners. G was, of course, in the center. He came out in the red leather outfit pictured in the pamphlet/goods, and the rest of the band was also dressed similarly. CHACHA’s hair was amazing!! Sato’s was such a nice grey/ash colour!

White Lovers was good, quite static cause G stayed in front of his mic stand (which looked special but I couldn’t tell from where I was; check OGYD for the rehearsal pics, it's that mic), but his voice…oh man, his voice is just so good!! I especially love the “Sayonara” at the end.

The next song GHOST, was really cool cause he would be dancing in the middle with the dancers while the GHOST PV was playing on the screen behind. They were in sync with the PV and it was very impressive!!

Last Song
This. Was. Beyond. Amazing. YOU comes out and goes into this amazing violin solo and we’re all just so captivated and amazed by it and then out of seemingly nowhere appears G playing the piano!!! I loved his songs unplugged because it lets his voice shine through and he really didn’t disappoint. He would sing a verse while playing the piano then pause, before resuming and playing again. He threw in a few extra end notes and most of the people around me were sniffing or tearing up. I thought then that if that was the last song I’d heard before dying, I would die happy because it was just so beautiful.


Then the screens closed and they showed a Camui Gakuen video!! It had all the usual suspects except that Sato and Kei were the two new additions. It started with a video of G then after the video Kaicho saying he’s very cool/hot. Then Sato raises his hand to ask a question. He’s like “But aren’t YOU GACKT?” and Kei joins in as well to ask if Kaicho is GACKT ahaha! Shinnosu-senpai is telling them no, no, no, then Kaicho at the front is all “I’M SEITO KAICHOU!!!!” and then that was that. Then he decided to introduce his favourite clip of G being BAMF from MOON CHILD and it’s the scene from early on where Kei is dodging bullets. They joke about how he wouldn’t know which left or which right to turn to and if he’d got it wrong he’d die ahahaha. Then Seito Kaichou is all “It’s really cool and stuff but…It’s a movie so!!!” ahahaha. Anyway, he has like this plan for them to be as cool as GACKT while doing stuff (I think he’d made a pun in kanji but I didn’t catch it)

In the opening there was like short clips of all the different things they did like the super hot oden and other stuff, but this video was the volleyball shooting game thingy. They had to get across a balance beam while dodging volleyballs shot out of machines. While Kaichou was talking KAZUYA was saying something I think so Kaichou hit him with a volleyball.

Anyway, the first challenger was TAKUMI! He was really cute about it and inched his way over, and then a ball hit him in the crotch! The video did a slow-mo replay of that but he made it across and got the cat paw then tried to make it back. He got hit in the crotch again and fell off on the way back holding on to his crotch. Kaichou gave him 52 or 54 points!

Next up was either CHACHA or Wang. I think it was CHACHA. He was really scared of the balls and got hit once and was all “Ouch!!!” and he fell off really fast poor thing, and Kaichou was making fun of him and was like “Your points are 2 and 2” and CHACHA cheered “YAY!!!” and then Kaichou said he got 4 points.

Then Wang-senpai!! The voice over said he was an exchange student from China, and then I think Kaichou told him to dance or do something once. It was quite obvious he was putting those dancing skills to good use cause he was evading those balls really well. He even did a back flip but then lost his balance and fell off. Aww. Kaichou gave him 91 points for effort!!

And then the guys bugged Kaichou to go do it as well and then he relented and got on, though he was whining about it cause he was wearing leather sole shoes while the rest were in sneakers. So he got up and the guys decided to turn the speed up to 100km (?) and it starts but then but then…two steps in HE FALLS OFF. Naturally the rest of them all go “EEEEEEHHHH!?!?!” and Kaichou says his shoe soles are way too slippery so naturally he fell off. It’s unacceptable so he has to go again. He doesn’t make it very far either the second time so when he falls off again everyone rushes over and they’re like “LET’S TAKE THE GROUP PHOTO NOW!!!” and pose with Kaichou fallen over and …dying? Then he does this whole dramatic dying thing and the caption at the lower corner is “MOON CHILD reenaction!?”

So he gets up and goes back to everyone and then Kaichou is all “Alright points!” and everyone is like “EHHH you’re going to give yourself points!?” well it’s Kaichou so he’s all “All your points together…20 000 points!!!”

The video zooms out at it turns out GACKT is watching them on his laptop backstage. Chris, his bodyguard, comes over and tells him it’s time to go back on stage, so G gets up to go but then…HIS PANTS FALL OFF! There’s mini Gakucchi to cover his front but he runs off and we can see his butt (heh heh). Chris rushes over and is like “PANTS!!!” but G’s already gone so he just holds on to the pants and then sniffs them and with a grin is all “ムレない!!” then with everyone laughing hysterically, G takes to the stage again.

I…don’t remember the order of the setlist nor some of the song titles so I’ll just write about the songs I remember.

There was one part where he made us wait quite a while before he came back out. When he came out he had changed and I think he does this in other lives too cause the Japanese fans around me knew what to expect. He did the whole “Okaeri” and “Tadaima” call where he’d shout “Okaeri!!” and we’d respond with “Tadaima!!” I spotted fans at one side holding up a giant banner that said “Okaeri, I *heart* GACKT” and with his picture from the tour promo picture. He did this for quite a while then got the 3rd and 2nd level to shout back with him. When he came to the 1st level he said it’s okay and no need to, but the 1st level was like “Noooo!!! We wanna do it too!” so he gave in shouted for 1st level. Then after that he did this super cute thing where he turned around and went “Tadaima!!” with a peace sign. It was so adorable the hall chorusesd “Mou ikkai (One more time!!)” and he obliged though pouting about it.

I think it was before the Okaeri-Tadaima part but the band came out without G and the guys starting making signs/cues with the music to get us to scream for G to come out. G of course went “I CAN’T HEAR YOU” about 5 over times so we had to keep screaming over and over. And then when he finally DID come out he got us to shout with him again and provoked the crowd by saying things like “Kobe is really weak, huh…” “THAT’S NOT ALL YOU’VE GOT RIGHT!!!” and if you’ve ever watched any of his concert DVDs, he really does sound just like that when he shouts for the crowd to respond. Love it.

Mirror (don’t remember when it was)
I loved Mirror live!! There was the whole shouting segment in between again and he really got us to shout lots that night…it’s a great song to experience live. G had changed by then into a different outfit, red jacket and pants, no more leather outfit. He came out with a guitar and played along. This time he stayed mostly on the second level middle area before coming down I think?

I think this was where all of them came out with cat ears on. Or was it at the Okaeri-Tadaima bit…? I have no idea. I’ve somewhat forgotten what most of the MC was about though he did address the FLASH rumours. I can’t remember if this was there member introductions and the whole band/audience interaction thing was. Oh yes the end of his MC was about him becoming 40 in July and that he’s really getting old so now he can’t really walk properly. Then he says CHACHA walks hunched and funny and stuff which was really funny. He also asked people about how old they were or the general age of the people there cause Kei was the youngest at 28, and the crowd response was “Eeeeeehhh??” So G is all “you guys are older than that huh, 48?” Then he asks the people who are younger than 28 to raise their hands. His response was that it was much less than he expected, lol! Then he said something about it’s okay whatever age you are, what matters is that we all have fun. His MCs are funny! When people randomly shout things he shouts back. Like one guy shouted “ANIKI!!!” and he shouted back. Or when people shout his name randomly he’s like “WHAT!!” ahahhaa.

So the band/audience shout a long session was really really cute. G was saying something like we’re not like the normal fans of other musicians and to be kind to the two new members Sato and Kei cause they’re new to it. He said he usually starts it with one of the two of them, but tonight he wanted something different. So it started with CHACHA.

I’m not sure what CHACHA shouted but when if they held their arm up and twirled it around our cue was to shout “FOOOOO!!” or “WHOOOO!!!” or whatever that sound is which I can’t properly describe. So they’d shout stuff and we’d reply by screaming for them. G was holding the mic and laughing into it while he stood in the corner. It was funny because it’s like he’d want to say something…

Then after CHACHA, G looked up and Sato and Kei and asked if they were okay to go. So then he got Sato to come down and try, and I think he reminded the crowd again to be nice to him. So Sato comes down and goes to the front and shouts. He is very obviously softer than CHACHA but we’re nice to him and shout back when he cues us to. I think G cut in and said the Kobe crowd was very nice to Sato cause at the previous live he said a lady in the front had shouted “I CAN’T HEAR YOU DAMNIT!!!” and we all laughed. So Sato got us to shout back then said he wanted to do something….so he went “Ichi, ni, sato!!!!” (One, Two, Three, except instead of “San” he changed it to his name instead) and was met with an awkward silence cause we were all kind of like “What.” Though in a good, amused way. G chuckled then Sato cued for us to shout and then he went into his little “gag” again and this time we all shouted along with him! He was really cute! At each word he’d pump his fist into the air, standing shoulder width apart and looked really hyper and into it. G couldn’t help laughing cause we all played along even though it was actually really lame.

Then G called Kei down!! G said that behind the drums Kei looks really cool but without them he’s not cool at all ahahaa. Kei was worse than Sato cause his voice broke. I don’t remember if it was him or Sato who shouted “I may sound like this but I’m actually trying really hard!!!” But anyway, Kei said he wanted to try something….which turned out to be him shouting “Okaeri” or “Tadaima” while jumping around and we’d shout the proper response back. G was laughing away in the corner.

Then YOU took to the stage!! It was quite obvious YOU and CHACHA knew what they were doing. I don’t know what YOU shouted but he made like a big pot shape and might have shouted something about eating. G found it very amusing. Ah yes, I remember before YOU started G made fun of him again that he was old and couldn’t walk properly. YOU promptly bent over and pretended to hobble around with a walking stick.

And then they asked G to do it!! He kept going “No no no, there’s no need” but everyone insisted so G gave in. And then the first thing he shouted….he stole YOU’s line so everyone promptly fell over in shock, manga/anime style. It was funny!!! But then G decided to do things properly and I think he shouted about FLASH and the people who had sent him support. The first person’s name he shouted was “HYDE!” then I didn’t catch anyone else. But his cheering got everyone really really hyped up!!

The cute cats came out to dance along and G kept maneuvering one of the smaller ones to stand properly next to him. It was so cute!! Near the end, one of the smaller cats climbed onto the bigger cat! G also had the tour cat ears on so it was really really really cute! He would make those “nya nya” cat paw poses and there were dance moves and stuff! I just followed the people around me.

Before it started, G screamed “アホになる時間!” (Something like “TIME TO BECOME AN IDIOT!” ???) then the music kicked in and he started by jumping up and down with hand actions. We got the cues and followed along. The furitsuke for Graffiti was the same as last year’s Gakuen. It was really really fun cause I could just go wild and dance along. The lady on my left wasn’t really dancing much so I felt bad when I accidentally bumped into her while dancing. Oops.

Koakuma Heaven
I think this was right after Graffiti so we all had our blood pumping and it was GREAT!!!! The cats came out again but only the 2 big ones this time, and we all danced along together to the screen with the Gakucchis. It’s pretty much the same as the video he put up on the Youtube, but longer! I love love love love LOVE dancing along to Koakuma Heaven so I was really happy it was in the Mild setlist. (It was far from Mild though) Then as usual, in the middle it pauses and the band takes turns to try out the levels of the game. It started with CHACHA and Sato at Level 3. (The posing at the start is the same as when they did it in RRII I think) Then next YOU and Kei for Level 5!! Then finally G for Level MAX I think! I thought it would end there but No! There was Level GOD, which for each show I think is a random band member. This time it was Sato! He tried his best but FAILED!! So everyone else fell over and was like “Nooooooo”!

Then the song resumed and everyone danced together with them. At the end, G grabbed the two cats and sandwiched himself between the two, grabbing the one on the right by the waist and holding it very tightly. So when the final note played, he pushed the cats away and the cat on the right was send bumbling forward. And G laughed. Ahahahhaa.

Oh gawd. This. Song. Live. I WAS SO EXCITED FOR IT!!! There was less silly dancing around and he didn't do as much hip thrusting or grinding. Even the member on member dancing wasn't much though during the chorus they did the whole line up and dance thing. CHACHA wasn't very into it... But the song was great and everyone was dancing and singing along. The girl's shout of "iku!!" was different from the album versions...I'm not sure how to describe it lol!

Journey through the Decade

Emu to my dears
I mistook the song for Wasurenai kara at first, oops. But it was a really good performance. During the chorus we all raised our hands up and kind of waved it around (pretty much you do this for almost every song at concerts in Japan; just follow the people around you). It’s a really touching song!!

I don’t remember what song it is that required the hand towel for furitsuke. But he comes out with a towel of his own and everyone around me knew the furi already so I just followed them (and GACKT).

The end….??
So they all walked off stage one by one. First Sato and Kei. They walked up to the top part of the stage, looked up, then exit the stage. Then CHACHA and YOU did the same. Finally, G did that, turned back once then walked off. The screen then closed and it was black for a while. Then a video started playing. It was water, a sakura petal fell on it, then there were words that appeared in Japanese. I don’t remember most of it, only some parts. Like “it’s not the end/not goodbye forever, don’t cry (stop making such a sad face” and something like always smile and stuff, even if I leave before you etc…

The last part was really really sweet. “I’ll always be by your side.”

And then…a picture flashes!!! GACKT in traditional Japanese clothes, like when he did the Uesugi Kenshin photobook, with the black long hat on top. I have no idea what it’s called, but then the screen parts and the lights come back on and GACKT and the band are all dressed similarly and the screen at the back plays a video of a huge moon that moves across the screen. When it reaches the end, MOON SAGA footage plays! It’s his new song, Sakura, chiru... , and then sakura petals start falling down onto the stage. I was really really really amazed by how amazing it was. After the MOON SAGA footage ends (it’s pretty much a digest of the ENTIRE play so SPOILERS if you didn’t watch it) the moon comes back up, and with the closing notes the stage goes black again and the screen comes back out.

Then it’s the ending video with credits and some backstage pictures, I’m not sure if the promotional video for the new single is before credits or after, but it looks AMAZING. TAKE MY MONEY. Then there’s a short promo for the new BEST OF THE BEST DVD/CD, and a short note that some of the songs will be rerecorded. (I only remember Vanilla listed, didn’t catch the other one)


I left the venue and found my friends! It was only about 10pm after the concert ended so it was still a bit early. The goods queue was pretty long actually, and I didn’t see anyone wandering around with a camera. I decided to leave for home cause I had a midterm the next day. Friend and I gushed a little about how awesome the show was before we parted ways.

It was my first time seeing GACKT on a solo tour, and my third time seeing him in person. The first time was for MOON SAGA, and I’d gotten 9th row seats for the Osaka leg. He was beyond mesmerizing there, and I’d said some silly message in fail Japanese after the show… The second time was at the second day of the Osaka leg of Gakuen last year!! I’d gotten crazy lucky and got 3rd row seats from DEARS at the left side of the stage. So close!! I’d even gotten a short glimpse/flash of what was under Kaichou’s tiny skirt (I SAW THE MAGNUMMMMM)

And maaaaaan, his voice. HIS VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! SO AMAZING!!!!! I’m not one to get emotional at concerts easily but when he sang during Last Song…oh man. I tweeted about being sad at my 3rd level seats for both Osaka days but my Japanese friends said they wish they could be there for both days, and for them, all that matters was listening to G sing live. Now I totally know what they mean. Oh man, it was such a great experience!!! A friend had tweeted to me earlier she was surprised I didn’t seem more excited to see G (mainly cause I was just really tired) but after that I just couldn’t stop grinning and thinking about it.

I almost danced my way to school while listening to Graffiti. Sorry for the long post that doesn’t even cover anything cause my memory sucks. Thanks for reading…!!!
mjspicemjspice on May 27th, 2013 10:52 pm (UTC)
KYAAAA! SO COOL! Thanks for sharing your experience! :D
Bernie パーニー: Camui Gakuenberniechan on May 28th, 2013 01:06 am (UTC)
Ahh, you're welcome!! Thank you for reading my rambling xDDD
(Anonymous) on May 29th, 2013 04:11 am (UTC)
Thank you for sharing Bernie! It is nice to get some info about the tour. Sound like you had an amazing time. I hope to go someday.