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05 June 2013 @ 02:10 am
GACKT BEST OF THE BEST vol.1 6/4 OSAKA Festival Hall  

Quick notes on tonight's live while it's still fresh in my mind:

Before live:
Met Desi (Noalani from twitter) and Akane at goods! Then Desi and I went to find Yoko-san and write message to G on the banner they made. Then Yoko-san took out the thong/underwear of G's that she got from Blomaga and we all got kind of giggly about it, some people posed with it, and then for the heck of it, I did too. Then we left and went to hang out at one of the cafes in the basement and just chatted.

It was the Mild setlist again. He was only 7 minutes late! So my Bolero count was only 3, as there were announcements and sound check going on as well. I entered the venue about 6:10pm ish.

Same opening video.

Not sure the order and missing some songs. (Refer to this Japanese report for full setlist etc, though the order is a bit different from how I remember it)

White Lovers (actually had snow tonight, there was none in Kobe)
Emu for my dears
Journey through the decade
Hakuro (he like kinda "died" at the end lol)
Last Song (YOU on violin, then G on piano)

Video: Camui Gakuen video
Moon Saga clip shown was the part where Sho spits out the food.
He used the kanji 漢 instead of 男 (both read otoko; the first one isn't commonly used and means 'honorable man')
Oden clip. Kazuya-senpai eating, Hayato-senpai feeding him (he kicks Hayato in the head/knocks him over) 64000points, Kaichou fed by Kazuya and spitting out the food into his face, was handcuffed. Said his teeth hurt. The nabe was filled and mixed with lots of mustard. Shinnosu-senpai was mixing the mustard up and evilly gave Kaichou lots. Kaichou made a FACE but said it's okay, mix it into the pot. He can take it. He was all "I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT THE STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT CAN DO"

The Gakuen video was really short this time. Cut to G watching it backstage, Chris coming out and calling him G. "G, it's time." and his pants drop off again (modesty protected by Gakucchi) and cut to a nice shot of his ass as he runs out. Chris goes over "G! PANTS!!" then sighs, then smells the pants and says "SWEET" (in Kobe he said "Mure nai! (ムレない)"

Screaming for G to come out, led by the band. G going "I can't heaaaaaaar you~" over and over

He breaks the guitar strings, makes us scream along with him again
Super long, as it always is.

Osaka would NOT shut up and let him speak. Pretty much everyone kept screaming and screaming and screaming so he had to tell us to shush like, 5 times or more. He talked about the FLASH rumours again, supposedly how he/his lawyers got the editor or something demoted? And he said "I've never done anything to be ashamed of (or you should be ashamed of), and I never will. This is my promise to you." Well, don't quote me on that cause I translated it and my Japanese is weird sometimes. Anyhow, he pretty much made a pun out of the tabloid FLASH and you know, the camera FLASH. And he said like the tabloids write shitty things just to try and sell so they write more ridiculous things just to sell more. Then he was all "I mean, they could have chosen something better to write about" and the crowd screamed "Example please! (tatoeba??)" and he responded by making yet another pun on FLASH.

Like how if he opened the hotel room door (naked I think??) then they got a picture it would be G FLASH! ahaha or something like that. I don't remember the exact Japanese but it was freaking hilarious.

Member intro/shouting along: (This time G took the liberty to cut in and interupt everyone's sections)
CHACHA (Kansai-beeeeen! G kept calling CHACHA an old lady today, like, old lady at supermarket register lol!!)
Sato (he did the ichi, ni, sa-to! again. He really improved since Kobe!!!)
(Kei was...well. He messed up way more than in Kobe. It was really hilarious. He copied G's Okaeri-Tadaima again, but this time screamed "OKA-SAN!" in between and the audience was in fits of laughter and not sure what to shout in response. He shouted incoherent at the start so G cut it and told him to "CALM DOWN AND TAKE YOUR TIME" then he did but it was still incomprehensible so G came over and smacked him on the head. He got smacked like, twice...or was it three times?)
GACKT (his was really really long, about an ex? staff member nickname oyayubi...and something about him shitting somewhere)

I'm not sure who it was, I think it was Kei, who shouted "I love Osaka!!" and someone shouted back "HONMA KA???" ("REALLY!?!!" and he went "HONMA YADE!!!" So cute when they use Osaka/Kansai-ben

Daaaaaance dance dance dance dance!

Vanilla (CHACHA wasn't very into it again, GACKT toned down the sexiness of Vanilla, though he got us to scream "Ah ah ah ah ah" in an erotic way with him, which was really embarrassing for me as my seat was between two guys...who didn't sing much or at all during Vanilla lol!)
Koakuma Heaven (LEVEL GOD was by Kei this time)
Graffiti (same furi as in Kobe, aka the Gakuen furi)
Faraway ~星に願いを~ (This is the song that requires the mini towel, if I'm not wrong)
Stay the ride alive
Sakura, chiru (the video before it with the text appearing on the pond/water with floating sakura petals is actually supposed to have G narrate it. In Kobe there was no music track/voice over. He reads out each line and the message is really really sweet.

This is not the end, so don't cry.
We'll meet again someday, somewhere.
Even if I leave this world before you do, I'll become the wind and protect you.
So don't make such a sad face.
I'll always be by your side.

something...like that. Then him & band in the Heian-period clothes,MOON SAGA video, sakura petals falling down)

?? don't remember where: Kimi ni oikaketa yume, Papa lopped whatsits

Ending credits, promo for the new CD/DVD then PV previews of both Sakura, chiru and CLAYMORE.

After it ended I went out, hung around cause I wanted to try and catch Chris and record a message but he didn't come out. A Japanese guy (pretty old, white hair, specs) came out with a video camera and recorded messages without Chris following him. Thanks for the tips Kellie!! I joined the other group of Japanese fans and we recorded the message to G together. We got individual time to say stuff to him and I didn't trust my Japanese so I switched to English then my English failed me too and I was choking up and stuff but basically I said Thank You like a million times. The Japanese fans were really, really nice to me and I chatted and took pics with them for a bit before I rushed off for home cause I have school tomorrow. Urgh. (Well later today.)

Alright. Will edit when I have time....well, it's pretty much the same as Kobe, really, so you can read that report instead.