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23 July 2013 @ 06:28 pm
VAMPS at ZEPP NAMBA 2013.07.22  
Just going to do a quick report!!

I arrived at ZEPP NAMBA at around 5:45pm, and got confused where to go. The ticket order from entry is from V (FC tickets) to A to B and so on. I think there was till D. I finally found where B section was, and it was around the back of the building. Goods were on sale next to this HYDE ROOM and VAMPS CHANCE section thing I have no idea what they are though.

We entered in order/by batches, and were given a drink coin after paying the 500yen drink fee. Going in, there was a mini goods table and a table selling their CDs. In front of some coin lockers was the drink station. I ended up buying the wristband and hip bag (not sure if I want to sell or keep and make into a sling bag) then dumping it in a locker and grabbing a drink. They had beer (in a cup) and various bottled drinks. The bottled drinks came with a strap to put it around your neck.

Entered venue, made my way to a spot. There are many barriers/bars in ZEPP that make out 'sections' of the floor. I didn't realise it but it's actually very very wide. I got a spot somewhat in the middle, and I would realise later I was just off center. On the two sides, there were neon signs (left: VAMPS and a Skull, right: VAMPS and SEX BLOOD ROCK AND ROLL) and over me was a disco ball. There was a screen in front covering the stage, with the time projected on it. The time read 18:45:45, but when it got to 7PM, instead of showing 19:00, it showed 6:60, and the projection changed. It got more sparkly and the crowd got hyped up. When it reached 6:65:50 a countdown started and when the time disappeared, lights projected green stars and there was other stuff all going off and it was really, really pretty.

There was still like a screen or something so we could only see the shadow of the band members, then HYDE started the night with JESUS CHRIST and then after that the screen thing finally disappeared and we could see them!!!! HYDE is really short so there are some points where I couldn't see him at all or I had no idea where he'd gone to. Some songs he was very visible because I think he stood on a box or stand or something.

I don't remember the setlist/order so check here. Songs I remember being played:

But omg!!! When I finally saw HYDE's FACE...!! He looked amazing! Ju-ken still has his beard braid thing and his hair had like streaks of pink? During some songs I'd give up craning my neck/tiptoeing to try and see HYDE and instead look at Ju-ken or K.A.Z! K.A.Z had like a hoodie over. The stage was really huge/wide so they didn't really switch sides much. HYDE worked his center section and sometimes went to the left.

During the MC part HYDE talked about eating Unagi cause it's some special period in Japan...(EDIT: Doyo no Ushi no hi I don't know what he said but I saw the sign for it in conbini later - also, all conbini are now selling special Unagi-don/bento sets!) I don't really understand a lot of HYDE's Japanese...cause he likes to whisper things or he says things really low and stuff and I don't understand a lot of his English lyrics either. Anyway. He shouted "HARA HETA!!!" (I"M HUNGRY) does he always do that? And then he called us Blood suckers and then did this thing saying it fits Osaka cause the "saka" sounds like "suckers" then he kinda chuckled at his silly joke/pun. Then he said it in this low/sexy whisper kind of kind like Bloodsakas~ to prove his point.

For HUNTING, Shannon told me about what is actually supposed to happen like, HYDE is supposed to walk on fan's hands and stuff but he doesn't do it so it was kinda just people cheering while they played it on stage. The crowd was moshing so it was fun...and then he did it like 4 or 5 times.... (There were some older ladies to my left who didn't mosh nor raise their hands nor do anything during the show which was meh, and there was a tall guy in a HYDEIST shirt or something in the section in front who just stood there and barely moved. After the people around moshed and stuff he ended up standing right smack in the middle and blocking everyone's view of HYDE, though this only happened around the ENCORE)

I think before REPLAY, suddenly fire came on from the stands on stage and stuff which was really cool. It was played really early on, not sure if before something on piano or after, but it got the crowd very fired up. His voice kind of cracked a little during the song but he is amazing live!!!!!!!!! He sounds just as good if not better as the album tracks and woaaaaaah. During DEVIL SIDE everyone shouts the "DEVIL SIDE!" part.

Then before the encore, there was a somewhat encore shout. It was really bara-bara/mixed up at first like different people doing different things but in the end the clapping and "VAMPS!" shouting managed to get in sync. So the band comes out with WATER GUNS/huge water bottles and starts spraying the crowd with them. HYDE comes out last with a top hat on and sprays people too.

Then later on during the encore MC, the drummer talked about what they did on their off day. He had three topics people could choose from, and the one with the loudest cheer would be the one he talked about. Sunday was an off day for them, and the crowd cheered loudest for that so he talked about it. They all hung out separately, with HYDE and ?? working on stuff at ZEPP NAMBA (? I think), while he, Ju-ken and K.A.Z did their own stuff. I think he talked about how K.A.Z sent him a mail about going to the gym but he'd just left. Then he said he went to Grand Front, and that there was some Yukata festival or something going on, and that Ju-ken had mailed him/said that he'd rather people not wear yukata and go naked or something (I have NO idea I might have misunderstood this entire part). He also impersonated Ju-ken quite a bit. Then the rest of the band comes back out, HYDE last as usual, then HYDE talked about what he ate on Sunday. I think the guys (drummer, Ju-ken, K.A.Z) went out for dinner, Shabu Shabu, but HYDE and the other guy couldn't make it on time. I'm not sure but he said he ate yakitori and yaki something else, then someone shouted "What did you eat today!" and he replied "Today was unagi!". Then some other people shouted stuff which I couldn't make out and HYDE kind of didn't reply to them he just paused, made a sound or whatever then went "Shall we start?"

Okay, so my favourites were SEX BLOOD ROCK AND ROLL and TROUBLE. I got a pretty awesome view of HYDE for most of SEX BLOOD ROCK AND ROLL. Oh man, he is soooooo amazingly sexy. He likes to throw his hair from side to side and uadfewfdhveawjjfhvewjhfduwejh They really really really get you hyped up and jumpy and singing along and the Osaka crowd is pretty good! There wasn't much body surfing or anything, though! But the people around/in front of me were singing and jumping and dancing and it was great!!!! There was one song which has a towel. I've listened to it before but don't remember it. Everyone around me was waving VAMPS towels so I felt kinda bad when I used my fade one oops. I bought the VAMPS towel online but it hasn't arrived yet!! :(

And during REVOLUTION everyone shouts "Bang on stomp everybody" but I had no idea what it was and thought it sounded like "One more song everybody" well at least I got the 'everybody' part right ahaha!

Anyway. VAMPS was amazing!!!! It was over really really much too fast :( It's so different from all of the other concerts I've been to! First time in a livehouse that big too! The lights were spectacular!!! ZEPP is an amazing venue, seriously. The air con was also working so it wasn't like a sauna, phew! VAMPS is amazingly fun and definitely a band to watch live if you ever have the chance!!
Belle: VAMPS; purikurab_sim on July 23rd, 2013 03:09 pm (UTC)
i have loved that 6:60 intro thing since i saw it on one of their DVDs. i hope they use it at the Sapporo lives...

He sounds just as good if not better as the album tracks and woaaaaaah

WHAT? nooooooo! i like his raspy screaming voice!! i don't want it to sound like it's recorded. :<

lgkjsklgjsg Hyde in a top hat.

the song with towels is ANGEL TRIP! i only like it live. i hardly listen to it on my iphone/computer. :B

still amazes me how sexy/cool Hyde is on stage when he's like the complete opposite off of it...
Bernie パーニーberniechan on July 23rd, 2013 03:18 pm (UTC)
His voice is raspy it is!! Just that you know how some bands sound better live or some sound better on CD? (Like I think fade/LUNA SEA's recorded tracks don't do them justice, or how like FOB/AKB etc can sound quite horrible live) He's really really good!! Like the energy is of course greater than the recorded stuff!

still amazes me how sexy/cool Hyde is on stage when he's like the complete opposite off of it... (*cough*Kansei too*cough*)

Ahhhhhh I still can't believe how fast it endedddddddd
Belle: Hyde & Gb_sim on July 23rd, 2013 11:20 pm (UTC)
whew, that's a relief! Hyde's voice is gorgeous and smooth and very much like the recorded version when he's with L'Arc and that suits L'Arc perfectly. but it needs a sexy raspiness when he's with VAMPS, imo.

i think Jon's voice definitely sounds better live. maybe because the recording equpiment they used for earlier albums wasn't that good...?

hahaha, Godo too! i remember thinking "he's the sassiest thing on two legs" when i saw him on stage the first time. and he's so shy offstage. so cute. ♥

IKR. VAMPS usually plays about 18 to 22 songs, i think, but it always seems to end so fast!
jackycrowejackycrowe on July 23rd, 2013 04:18 pm (UTC)
Next month I will book hotel, fly and ticket for Berlin.

Normaly I would go to Paris with my friend, but unfortunaly my friend will come from her 1 year trip to USA 2 days after the VAMPs concert in Paris.

Life is unfair, if you ask me.

Reading your report I realy have to go again to VAMPS.