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16 August 2013 @ 10:55 pm
[LIVE REPORT] H"palty at Kyoto MUSE 19/07/2013  
All I had to go on was my trust in my friend’s taste in music, and ‘This band is awesome’ she said, and I believed her. She’d even bought me their CDs so I could listen for myself and determine that they were just as awesome as she said, and that was enough for us to make the trip to Kyoto to catch them live.

It was a night to expect the unexpected, and not in an unpleasant manner, rather, far from it. From being ticket numbers 1 and 2, to meeting the band before the event started and getting an extremely warm welcome, it was the start of a night to remember. H”palty (エイチパルティ), which they explained comes from an amalgamation of Pal City and the cool “H” because all of the band members are born in the Heisei era. I jokingly brought up idol group Hey!Say!JUMP and they were quick to say that they are nowhere near on par with the ikemen group though their boyish charms proved otherwise.

As the last band to take to the stage that night, they spent the time before their set either hanging around their merchandise table or joining the crowd and enjoying the other bands. That meant getting to talk to them in between sets, and being entertained by the antics of DAIKI (Gt/Vo), ma-ki- (Gt), ISATO (Vo) and Ryunosuke (Dr). Bassist Shuma eluded us, but we’d see him on stage soon enough. The band members had no airs about them, and talked to fans as if old friends, and exuded a wonderfully welcoming vibe. That was true for all the bands that night, and the homey feel in the livehouse made the night all the more enjoyable.

When it was their turn to take to the stage, we made our way right to the front and I was trembling in excitement. “They’re really fun!” my friend assured me again, and when the curtains raised and the band launched into their first song, the energy that radiated off the band was infectious. The laid back guys off stage were like completely different people on stage, and they owned the space like veterans and rocked the house down. When they launched into “Decadance”, a catchy and lively tune, with DAIKI and ISATO killing it on vocals, I felt alive. And as the two of us danced and jumped along wildly, truly, the band put the ‘dance’ in Decadance.

It was over all too soon, but the rush of emotion (aptly also the title of their first single) continued to buzz around as band members mingled with the crowd and thanked fans for coming. The night was not only the birthday of one of the organizers, but also the 23rd birthday of DAIKI, with his boy-next-door charms and megawatt smile. Launching into two surprise birthday songs, the birthday boy was greeted with two cakes just for him! It was smiles all round as they posed for pictures and yet again, thanked fans for coming down to see them.

With Birthday Boy DAIKI (holding the two cakes), Drummer Ryunosuke (DAIKI's left), Vocalist ISATO (cap) and Guitarist ma-ki- (first from right, in white)

L to R: Ryunosuke, DAIKI, ma-ki-

For all pictures from that night, check out my FB album here.

All in all they’re definitely a band to watch, and one to catch live. Can’t wait to see how far they go, and who knows, perhaps one day they’ll give Hey!Say!JUMP a run for their money.


H"palty is:

ISATO (Vo) @ISATO020911
DAIKI (Gt/Vo) @Daikick_song
ma-ki- (Gt) @hpalty
Shuma (Ba) @shuma_palty
Ryunosuke (Dr) @No_3654

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